the comprehensive program of high speed internet and technology services providing high speed Internet to hotels and meeting guests. GuestTech delivers high speed Internet access in guestrooms, meeting rooms, and hotel public areas as well as provides a complimentary around the clock business center with high speed Internet, fax, printing and copier services. GuestTech is designed with speed, security and ease of use as the top priorities. 24 hour support is provided to ensure that you connect effectively and enjoy reliable service. For a list of hotels which offer GuestTech services, please click here
  • Superior security with complimentary wired Internet access in your guestroom work area. Ethernet cables are provided!
  • Free wireless access in most of our lobbies, restaurants, and lounges and public areas.
  • Complimentary 24-hour Business Center with PC, Facsimile, Printer and office supplies.
  • Meeting rooms are equipped with wired high speed access at a reasonable charge for groups.
  • Tech Support is provided on a 24 hour basis.

  • T-1 data backboneóNo dial upóPlug in and browse.
  • Cat 5E certified cabling to each guestroom and meeting room.
  • Cisco firewall protection.
  • Public Internet Protocol address assignment for easy VPN access.
  • Dynamic Host Control Protocol enabled (DHCP).
  • SMTP e-mail relay
      GuestTech is designed with speed, security and ease of use as the top priorities. Our technology meets the needs of our guests for high speed internet services in order to: Stay Connected while away from your home or office.    

You will be pleased with the speed and ease of use of our guestroom internet service!
  • Guestrooms and suites are equipped with wired, high speed Internet access that delivers T-1 speed at your desk top.
  • Ethernet cable provided in the room.
  • Service is provided with no annoying time limitations or connection challenges.
  • Just plug in the Ethernet cable, turn your laptop on and youíre surfing!

Our complimentary, 24 hour Business Center will help you stay connected to work and home!
  • PC equipped with secure, wired high speed Internet connection.
  • Guests utilize the centerís personal computer to access the web, or check e-mail at no charge.
  • The PC is connected at T-1 speed to insure fast communication and downloads.
  • A printer is provided for guest use along with a fax machine and copier.

You can stay productive throughout the hotel by utilizing our free wireless hotspots!
  • Restaurant, lounge, lobby and other public areas are equipped with T-1 speed Internet access for those travelers with wireless capabilities.
  • Check your e-mail while enjoying a hot breakfast or a cold drink.
  • Surf the web while waiting for associates in the lobby or log on to your company VPN while lounging at the pool.

We have the capability to serve sophisticated training sessions on line or simply provide access for the leader of a group presentation.
  • Each of the hotelís meeting, conference and training.
  • Rooms is equipped with high speed Internet access with T-1 speed.
  • GuestTech security and reliability which comes with a wired Ethernet solution.
  • Technology services are provided at customized, reasonable rates.
  • Our meeting planning experts help plan your event for success while working within your budget.

        To insure that your internet experience is productive, 24 hour telephone technical support is provided. In our meeting rooms, our meeting services team will be present at your function to assist you. Be assured that we know how important this service is to you, we will do the utmost to ensure your satisfaction.        

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